TI17C & TI18C TrueTension™ Load Cell Amplifier / Signal Conditioner

A versatile, single-channel tension transducer interface for monitoring tension in any zone on web or filament processing machinery.

The TI17C & TI18C TrueTension™ amplifiers are devices that power a tension transducer (or a pair of shaft-end mounted transducers) installed in a web or filament path.  The transducer return signal is scaled to provide a proportional, isolated 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA output to a PLC, drive or display meter.

The base unit for the TI17C and TI18C is a 3.2" x 5.5" (8.2cm x 14cm) circuit card with no enclosure. This is available in a horizontal mounting (H) configuration including mounting hardware. The vertical (V) configuration includes the card in a semi-enclosed mounting bracket available with or without a DIN-rail clip. An optional cover is available in the V configuration to provide a complete enclosure.

The primary difference between the TI17C and TI18C amplifiers is their power input requirements. The TI17C operates on 115 VAC 60Hz (230 VAC 50Hz optional) while the TI18C operates on 24 VDC.

The TI17C is CE-marked in its vertical (V) configuration with a cover. The TI18C is CE-marked in all configurations. These units have been thoroughly tested to meet European low voltage and EMC (CE mark) directives.

The TI17C and TI18C are UL-listed in the USA and Canada. Canadian UL-listing requires full enclosure versions (i.e. with covers).

• Improves machine operation and productivity by making it easier to run proper tension
• Low-cost component as part of a complete tension measurement or control system
• Modular package for versatile, flexible mounting and setup
• Backward compatible – dimensional footprint and pin-out connections match those of previous TI17B and TI18B tension amplifier designs

• 115V/230 VAC 50/60Hz power input (TI17C) or 24 VDC (TI18C)
• Quik-Cal™ push-button zero and calibration
• Auto Zero on power up
• 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA isolated outputs
• 0-1 mA output for a tension meter
• CE-marked – TI17C in full enclosure, and TI18C in all configurations
• Meter damping adjustment minimizes meter fluctuation when used with optional tension meter
• Dual Calibration provides the ability to toggle two transducer calibration ranges

Note: The TI17C replaces all previous generations of the model TI17 amplifier/indicator including the TI17A and TI17B.

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